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Harvesters & Windrowers

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   2012 Spudnik 6 Row 6160 Windrower, Left & Right Hand Discharge, Hydraulic Shakers, 50,50, & 45MM Chains, Guage Wheels, R/H Wing Coulter, Shedded, Very Nice Cond  
Grimme 1 Row Potato Harvester With Bunker, Deviner, Close Pitch Chain for Summer Potatoes, Shedded Since New, Immaculate Condition  
  2009 Spudnik 6400 4 Row harvester with bunker, Reverse Roll Table, 50mm Chain Throughout, Field Ready & Shedded Since New  
Logan 2011 Trash Pro Clod & Trash Eliminator, leaves clods and trash in the field, gentle operation  
Double L 873 4 Row Harvester offset hitch, mechanical blower, 50 + 45mm chain  
2002 Double L 853  4 Row Harvester with 45mm Belted Chain Throughout, Center Pull, Side Elevator Star Table, New Boom, Very Low Acres  
2011 Standen Pearson T3-3 Row Digger, Double Multi Sep (8 Rollers), Hydraulic Drives, Cameras, Loaded, Very Nice Condition  
Soon 4500Lockwood 2 row Harvester, star table. big blower, 45mm Belted Chain SOLD - Others Available
Soon  Spudnik 5620 2 Row Harvester, Big Blower, Electric Controls with Joystick   

851 Double L 4 Row Windrower, 50, 50, & 45mm Chain Pitch, Right Hand Discharge, Wing Coulter, Electric Controls, Guage Wheels, Trailing Coulters, Field Ready 

Reconditioned 851 Doubel L 4 Row Windrower Shown with 45mm Chain / SOLD - Others Available  
  Lockwood 6130 2 row Windrower, belted, chopper, rear axle steer, electric rear cross  
  New Willsie 1 Row 3PT Hitch Potato Digger, 540 RPM Pto Operated, 7ft Overall Length, 25” x 1.56” Chain, Pointed digger Blade, Optional Offset Hitch, Optional 30” or 36” Width, Optional Front Coulters, Optional Carrot Blade  

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Vine Shredders

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Alloway 4 row, 36" Vine Shredder, 3 pt, good flails, Diablo packer wheels SOLD - Others Available  

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The New Logan Surge Pro Hopper Model LSH60330 has incorporated some fantastic innovations combined with simplicity, ease of operation, and functionality to provide what we feel is the best machine on the market. This machine features fewer drops, and smoother transitions than any other brand.

A large 54” infeed elevating conveyor, a 60” discharge belt, and a large 330 cwt tank combine to give efficient production and gentle first in – first out handling. Simply set your output rate and the discharge belt will self-adjust, providing a wide consistent evenflow to your downstream machines.

This machine only requires 14hp of electrical power as the 60” discharge conveyor uses dual electric drives, with high reduction right angle gear reducers providing high torque, allowing the use of small motors. Variable Frequency Drives for the conveyors reduces motor in rush current. At 240 Volts 3 Phase, a 50amp service is more than adequate to handle the Surge Pro’s requirements.  

2016 Spudnik 4835 Crop Cart, New Style Variable Speed Drives, Roll Over Tarp, Easy to Control, Shedded, and Only Used 1 Season  
NEW Logan 1000 CWT Evenflow Hopper  
600 CWT Double L 860 Evenflow Hopper, Hoops & Tarp, Chevron Cleated Elevator Belt, 4 Wheel Cart, Hydraulic Jacks, Durable Liner Coating on Slopes, Mechanical Boom Height Sensor, 208/230 Volts Powered SOLD
  New Tristeel Portable Evenflow Hopper, belt bottom, roost, variable speed, adjustable height, and more  
10ft Live Bottom Evenflow Hopper with Flat Belt Discharge and all Rollers Driven, Automotive Wheels & Tow Hitch, 208/230/460 Volts 3 Phase Powered  
14ft Lockwood Diamond Top Chain Box with Roost & Mounted on Heavy Duty John Deere Wagon, Nice Condition   
8ft Mayo Evenflow Hopper, Poly Slopes, Roost, Chain Bottom, Variable Speed, 1 Phase, Automotive Wheels with Tow Hitch, Adjustable Height - Very Nice  
  7ft Evenflo, turkey roost, variable speed, 1 phase, new chain, nice  
7' Evenflow Hopper w/Chain Bottom, Turkey Roost, Variable Speed, 1 Phase 230 Volts, On Pneumatic Tires, Nice Cond  

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